Improving Office Efficiency

The concept of improving production efficiency became popular in the early 1990s, and since then, many companies have effectively streamlined their manufacturing processes. But to truly optimize overall business performance and charge ahead of the competition, more is needed: The entire system environment must work to perfection. Thousands of office tasks and administrative processes are performed multiple times on a daily basis in areas like management, production control, product origination, planning, procurement, and support. Now, optimizing these processes and improving office efficiency have become key to the overall success of your organization.

For the past ten year, Ingenics has offered – and steadily enhanced – its rigorous lean office program. Our efficiency consultants have used it to help hundreds of companies achieve lasting results through process-oriented thinking, well-defined responsibilities, structured procedures, regular control via key ratios, and more.

When it comes to improving office efficiency, we offer the following services:
› Strategy for Improving Office Efficiency
We help you to enhance your internal and external communications with clearly-defined business goals, and well-honed corporate vision and mission
statements. We develop customized business models that will increase productivity throughout your office. Lastly, we implement performance measurement systems, such as BSC (Balanced Scorecard), to make sure your new business strategy pays off.
› Process Optimization and Management
To streamline your administration processes, we offer a comprehensive solution, from process portal set-up, to process modeling, to documentation.
› Lean Development
We leverage our lean concepts and proven, end-to-end approach to methodically streamline your product development processes. As a result, your production will become more customer oriented, better synchronized across departments, and more innovative.
› IT System Selection and Implementation
At Ingenics, we always start with strategy. Selecting the perfect IT solution for your needs is no exception. We first analyze your organization and define a clear set of requirements. Then we conduct a professional cost-benefit analysis and a thorough cost evaluation. During the final selection process, we supply tender management services and perform system reviews before offering specific recommendations. Finally, we stay involved throughout the installation and implementation process, and provide a systematic staff training concept.
› Project Management System
In project management, as in many other business areas, our goal is to streamline processes and increase productivity. We solve complex problems with simple tools, and create a culture of reliability throughout your company. Over and again, this approach yields results that are on time, on budget and on target.
› LeanOffice System
For ten years, Ingenics has been deploying and enhancing its unique LeanOffice solution, which uses company-wide organization standards and a unique approach to systematically improve office efficiency. The system supports 20 proven lean methods, including 5S-Digital, Office Kanban, and activity analysis. Customizing the program to individual needs, we choose the methods that work best for improving office efficiency in your company.
› Training and Development
At Ingenics, our efficiency consulting solutions include a host of seminars and workshops on lean administration, project management, lean office, and process management. We can also train your employees to become trainers themselves, seamlessly imparting the knowledge they’ve acquired to their colleagues. In short: Our training and development program makes improving office efficiency a new reality in your organization.
From improving office efficiency to increasing system productivity, Ingenics’ efficiency consulting services have helped hundreds of companies in Germany, North America, and around the world unleash their full business potential. To find out how you can benefit from our efficiency consulting services, contact us today.
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