30. November 2016
Promoting young talent and university teaching

Ingenics leads by example

Following the company slogan "Designing Systems. Empowering People", Ingenics has led by example for many years when it comes to promoting young talent and teaching at university level. For reasons such as this, the company recently received the "Innovation through Research" seal from German business organization Stifterverband. A strong commitment to those areas where theory meets practice creates additional expertise that flows directly back into the company's consulting services. This ultimately benefits not only junior staff members, but also cooperation partners and clients.

"At a basic level, there is far too much course content in university teaching that is considered simple in theory and yet is still missing in practice. The subject of project management is the best example of this. When they start out, young consultants simply often lack the experience to use the right tools at the right time in actual client projects," explains Sieghard Schmetzer, associate partner and center of competence director at Ingenics.

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16. November 2016
The results of the new Industry 4.0 study 2016 are in

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, Ingenics AG has carried out the second large-scale Industry 4.0 study. Responses were collected from 844 decision-makers in companies of various sizes and in a range of sectors in answer to the question "Industry 4.0 – Where Is the Revolution in Work Organization today?" The study was also one of the key topics at the 16th Discussions. It revealed that more than 2,700 Industry 4.0 applications in total were implemented.

As a result of those applications, data indicates that lead times were reduced by 14.5 percent on average. In the area of process quality, an average increase of 13 percent has been achieved. Furthermore, companies reported cost reductions of 10 percent in pilot departments and an average increase in sales of 7.9 percent.

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20. September 2016
Lean Data Management

Document and efficiently streamline data streams from multiple systems

Ingenics has an in-depth understanding of lean principles that has already been successfully applied to indirect areas and processes. Ingenics DigitalSolutions has now adapted this method so that it is just as successful at documenting and efficiently streamlining data streams from multiple systems – in a similar fashion to flows of goods. After all, the technology surrounding Industry 4.0 requires perfect data quality more than ever before. In addition to information about customers and products, machine data and its programming are increasingly coming into focus.

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