Staff efficiency

The higher staff efficiency is, the more productive a company will be. Ingenics offers strategic solutions and practical tools to increase staff efficiency. As a result, it is possible to improve performance and quality in all areas of production and to reduce costs. Improved labor cost management is an important lever in terms of creating value within the business and enhancing competitiveness.

Ingenics has extensive experience in the benchmark for staff efficiency in a wide range of industries. A common problem is the low proportion of working house in which employees actually contribute to the creation of value. Specifically, too much time is spent on transportation, routing, tool handling, tooling, set-up processes, corrections, and follow-up work.

In order to make labor more profitable and effective, Ingenics optimizes the work system within the company by carrying out an on-site evaluation of actual structures. This ranges from the five-phase approach to replanning and improving places of work to make them cleaner, safer, and more standardized (the 5S concept) to assembly line structures and advanced manufacturing strategies. The focus at all times is what creates value and what does not.

Development of leadership skills and behavior

In many companies, however, low staff efficiency is not only due to the work system, but is also largely caused by deficits in communication and team leadership. This is an area of focus for Ingenics when it comes to increasing efficiency. Operational managers are given training in leadership skills and behavior. In recent years, employees in such positions have all too often been entrusted with managerial responsibilities because of their technical skills and not their ability as leaders.

Ingenics bases the professional development of key employees on an idealized profile of operational managers. This makes it possible to identify strengths and weaknesses in leadership behavior to introduce sustainable change.

The most important tools at a glance

As a customer, you stand to benefit from the expertise of Ingenics in increasing staff efficiency. To ensure long-term success in your company, Ingenics will train and coach in-house experts to establish the relevant methods.

When it comes to improving staff efficiency in your company, Ingenics mainly uses the following tools:

  • Analysis of work structure and line balancing
  • Exploitation of potential in the management structure and concrete team leader-ship
  • Reduction of working hours and activities that do not create value
  • Sustainable optimization of staff efficiency
  • Improvement of the production strategy



The optimization of staff efficiency by Ingenics provides the perfect conditions for improved performance and quality in all areas of production. More effective use of labor, optimized for the creation of value, increases productivity by improving the utilization of capacity during shifts, thus reducing fixed costs.

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