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APQP – Advanced Product-Quality Planning

Successful project management always involves effective and efficient advanced quality planning. Many requirements of customers and external parties must be identified and met during the product-development process and safeguarded with targeted inspections in the product and process.

Advanced product-quality planning (APQP) in particular is a standard that is firmly established in the automotive and automotive-supplier industries. It is also gaining prominence in other industries.

With an approach that transcends function and process boundaries and an orientation that is pragmatic and operational, this training is the ideal foundation for setting up and implementing APQP correctly. The aim is to carry out projects and manufacture products in a way that saves on inspection costs while complying with customer requirements.

Your Benefits

  • You gain an extensive, focused overview of proven methods and applications for the tools in a five-phase model – from planning and realizing to making efficient advanced quality plans.
  • The training looks at the special role held by the APQP leader/advanced-quality planners to support the requirements in the project team with the multifunctional approach.
  • The training introduces and discusses the key success factors for APQP and reflects on the participants’ current and future projects. You become acquainted with the most-important content in the AIAG (automotive) and EN9145 (aviation) standards.
  • You define tangible areas for action and understand the approach for successful implementation based on APQP.
  • You develop an awareness for the activities and application of APQP tools in your own projects and profit from examples of practical application.
  • You are given ideas for how to evaluate project execution sustainably and with focus, and you receive informative KPIs that you can use for management with decision-making committees.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Presentation of the APQP five-phase model with interdependencies and key business deliverables under AIAG and EN9145
  • Role of the multifunctional team, APQP leader, and quality planners in a project
  • Areas for action and the most-important steps and tasks in each APQP phase
  • Phase-specific use and application of tools and safeguard processes in inspection planning
  • Presentation of the inspection-process pyramid for safeguarding quality (FMEA/CP/inspection plan)
  • Setting up process-capability study and verification of measurement-method capability
  • Safeguarding suitability for series production through maturity testing
  • Approval based on conventional VDA 2/PPAP (automotive) and ISO EN 9102 (aviation) sampling specifications
  • Methods and formats for optimal documentation and verification man-agement in APQP
  • Handover of project/series and activities to production

Format & Execution

  • Classroom training
  • Presentation, discussion, application, exercises, transfer


  • Executives
  • Quality controllers, managers, and planners
  • Project managers
  • Logistics specialists
  • Project purchasers
  • Developers
  • Supplier developers and heads of production (launch managers)
  • Industrializers/work preparers