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Applying Artificial Intelligence in industrial contexts

Are you facing the challenge of introducing the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your company? 

AI applications can boost productivity throughout the company while supporting a high level of automation. 

Participants gain an insight into the various applications and technologies in industrial contexts during this course, which is aimed at anyone who wants to understand the basics as a first step. The focus is on existing technology and examples of how it is used. Fundamental concepts are covered through examples and the collaborative development of small-scale AI applications, giving participants the tools they need to identify bespoke AI applications in their companies. 

Do not worry, no programming skills are necessary. 

Your benefits

  • Gain an overview of the different technologies and areas of application in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Get to know the key distinguishing features of technology and which technological solutions are suitable for which problems. 
  • Discover the technical basics and requirements of deploying AI solutions and acquire the skills needed to assess potential use cases in your company. 
  • Learn what matters most, develop your own sample applications, and train your own machine learning models to gain an insight into how they work. 
  • Gain an insight into applications that have already been implemented as well as technological developments and find out how to make a better assessment of the future potential for you and your company.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • An introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
    • Technologies, applications, developments 
  • Natural language processing 
    • Get to know the technological developments in speech recognition and where these are applied. 
    • Learn about the basic principles and functions of text and speech recognition as well as tools for successful implementation. 
    • Experience features in person by developing your own chat bot. 
  • Machine learning 
    • Get to know the basic principles, requirements, and functions of AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks as well as the ways in which they differ. 
    • Find out which problems can be solved using machine learning by examining sample applications. 
    • Train your own neural networks and learn about how this technology works. 
  • Computer vision 
    • Get to know the basic principles and technologies for automatic object and error detection. 
    • Learn which technologies and process models are suitable for different applications and which process models will allow you to drive your own development successfully. 

Format & Execution

  • Classroom 
  • Presentation, discussion, application, exercises, transfer 


The course is ideal for anyone looking for introductory training on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and those who wish to find out about the relevant technologies and use cases or to develop their evaluation skills in order to identify internal AI applications.