Card Board Engineering

Simulating processes and creating transparency

With planning, things are not left to chance – but there might be mistakes. Card Board Engineering helps to prevent these mistakes with a simple simulation. Individuals steps and processes are planned, arranged, and simulated by employees using a straightforward and affordable method (e.g. boxes). This creates practical, tried-and-tested work systems.


Before planned investments, employees’ ideas are collected and visualized using Card Board Engineering. The resulting simulation of procedural steps makes it possible to review and adapt the proposed system. At the same time, ergonomics and the avoidance of waste are taken into account in line with lean principles. 
On request, it is possible to conduct the training on-site in the form of a practically oriented workshop.

Your benefits

  • Redesign work stations in light of lean principles.
  • Optimize the flow of material, production, and information at work stations and create the best possible working conditions.
  • Ensure acceptance of the proposed system with a high level of employee participation.


  • Introduction: The basics of Card Board Engineering. Benefits and potential.
  • Workplace and layout design: Clear structures at the workplace.
  • Consideration of ergonomics: Create ideal working conditions.
  • Design motion sequences at the workplace.
  • Logistics concepts: Organize work better and more economically.

Target audience

Specialists and managers in production, especially those in assembly, production planning and control, production scheduling, and process optimization.