CIP trainer training

In the role of lean expert

To achieve the introduction of lean management throughout the company, it makes sense to have an in-house CIP trainer to oversee and support the continuous improvement process.  The CIP trainer is an important pillar of strength, expert, and driving force in this area – and someone who may also organize and carry out training activities in the future.

As part of the training to become a CIP trainer, participants are gradually introduced to the role of lean expert. In line with the train-the-trainer principle, trial workshops are carried out under the supervision of experienced Ingenics trainers. 

Potential moderators are coached both in theory and in practice and receive timely feedback – a sustainable way to help them develop their professional and interpersonal skills.



Five modules over a period of six months

Your benefits

  • Learn the best way to plan, prepare, and carry out moderation sessions and presentations and how to document the results.
  • At the same time, systematically improve your moderation and presentation skills – with practical exercises to give you the greatest level of confidence when presenting and moderating.


  • Basics of lean management.
  • Basics of project management: From preparation to implementation and follow-up work.
  • The systematic introduction and application of moderation methods and presentation techniques.
  • The perfect combination of voice, gestures, and visual aids.
  • Social skills: Confidence dealing with participants, questions, and disruptions.

Target audience

  • Specialists and managers in the company as well as anyone charged with tasks related to the implementation and maintenance of the lean philosophy.
  • Future internal “multipliers” as well as workshop trainers, coaches, and CIP trainers.