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Implementing Lean Administration

How to make my office lean and productive?

It is well known that lean methods are an effective way to increase efficiency in production. However, it is taking companies longer to realize that similar success can be achieved with respect to office tasks, be it in development, construction, marketing, or general administration. On this course, you can see for yourself what is different in an efficient office compared to a “normal” office and the effects of such an environment: complete concentration on excellent product quality and maximum added value.

Offices are a place where information is created, distributed, processed, and cultivated. It is not always visible at first glance where and how such activities create added value. LeanOffice can help to make the value creation process in an office visible and signal possible improvements. But that’s not all: another focus of the training is to examine how people can work together efficiently and smoothly in these processes – a question that is explored through interactive exercises.

Your Benefits

  • Learn the most effective lean methods for administrative departments and apply them with confidence.
  • Identify potential and take the first steps toward establishing a lean office in your company.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Theoretical background to LeanOffice. Learn about the evolution of lean approaches in the office environment and discover the most important principles
  • Explanation of the features and benefits of the most important methods.
  • Practical examples and best-practice approaches.
  • Interactive exercises: Discover the effects for yourself with the help of clearly structured exercises and case studies and learn from your own experience.
  • Joint development and definition of concrete steps to implement effective lean office methods in your company.

Format & Execution

  • Classroom Training
  • Presentation, discussion, practice, exercises, application


Specialists, managers, and employees in administrative departments as well as CIP experts.