Crossing every bridge with confidence

One sign of good leadership is the level of staff motivation. Each employee is an individual who therefore has to be managed differently. Only managers who deliberately practice the correct type of leadership for the given situation are able to give their team direction. This is also the way to ensure success, especially in times of change. It is important to identify personal potential and to use this as a basis for further development.

This course describes specific ways in which employees can be encouraged and challenged. The training is based on the principles of behavior for effective leadership and respectful communication. Periods of self-reflection allow you to experience different approaches to leadership and the impact they have. With group feedback, you will learn what effect you have on a team in certain situations and how you can develop your skills.

Your benefits

  • Know how to act deliberately as a leader.
  • Find out your strengths and potential to make strategic use of your personal success factors.
  • Practice successful leadership in the change process and steer a team in the necessary direction.


  • Reflection on the basic theory: The right style of leadership for different situations.
  • Respectful communication toward employees.
  • Develop sensitivity for the right personal style of leadership.
  • The dos and don’ts of everyday life as a successful leader. Reinforcement with case studies and role plays.
  • Mastering the change process with the right tools.

Target audience

  • Managers who want to develop their professional skills.
  • Managers who are facing large-scale changes.