Lean development academy

A specific decision to implement lean principles in development and engineering is a decision against waste in favor of maximum value creation – in all areas of the company. Those who choose lean are not opting for a first aid kit, but a holistic approach – a philosophy. And anyone who wants to learn a philosophy in a crash course will suffer exactly that: a crash!

 The challenge is to apply the lean philosophy across the entire company, including all business processes and employees – and to do so over the long term. Of course there is a need for methodological competence in the core areas. However, the real changes have to take place in the mind. The factor for success is a clear shift in attitude and company culture. The key to developing such a new corporate culture is a professional, high-performance team of leaders and implementation managers with conviction. 

The lean development academy targets your development processes, the lean and cost-optimized development of your products, and the growth of an efficient culture in your departments. Applying methods of process analysis and visual management, the participants are able to identify and understand some initial areas of potential. The approaches and definitions of lean development are made clear, as are the reasons why costing is an elementary component. Keywords such as “concurrent engineering,” “design to cost,” “design for excellence,” and “Obeya” are transferred to the everyday context of life at work. An exchange and discussions among participants helps to create additional incentives and stimulus to make improvements in their areas of the company. A stronger team spirit supports the benefits of sustained learning success and the establishment of a continuous improvement culture.

As true lean specialists, participants will find it easy to “infect” their colleagues with the lean philosophy after the workshop. Specially selected examples and exercises for the areas of development and engineering will help you to drive forward implementation. This creates a high level of acceptance, which makes it much easier and faster to implement greater efficiency as a next step, and such implementation will pays for itself in a short time. 



5 days (standard program), additional qualification programs to be discussed

Your benefits

  • Internalize the lean philosophy and experience the effect of individual methods for yourself. Together you can easily manage to inspire your employees and peers in your department for the implementation of lean principles.
  • With extensive knowledge of how the most important lean methods work and their specific concrete benefits, you can professionally support implementation measures in your company.


The modular structure of the training makes it possible to tailor individual elements to your needs in a wide range of areas. We can provide the lean development academy service over five or ten days. Simply give us a call – we would be pleased to offer advice and put together an individual lean qualification program for your development and engineering teams.

Target audience

Managing directors, specialists, and managers from development departments as well as and anyone charged with tasks related to the implementation and maintenance of the lean philosophy, such as future internal “multipliers” and others involved in the process, CIP trainers, and coaches.