Lean, Industry 4.0 and disruption

how can we shape the digital transformation?

Digital technology became established in companies a long time ago. Increasingly, being competitive depends on implementing new, digital products, services, processes, and business models. In conjunction with the core area of business, this presents companies with major challenges. Industry 4.0 is the application of digital solutions to further optimize value creation systems. Lean processes are a necessary condition for this. However, neither Industry 4.0 nor lean processes guarantee future growth. This requires innovations – perhaps even disruptive innovations.


When discussions turn to digitization within companies, there is a growing focus on how to master the balancing act between innovation and optimization. Companies go down two paths:

  1. Some businesses avoid tension and separate innovative activities from the core business, for example with a spin-off digital lab or incubator. This often comes from a conviction that the current company ecosystem inhibits innovation rather than encouraging it. In many cases, no solution is provided in terms of integrating innovations into the core business.
  2. The second group manages to take the supposedly more difficult route, bringing together innovation and operational excellence under one roof. The positive effects on growth, market value, and return are clear to see.

With both groups in mind, we developed the course “Lean, Industry 4.0 and disruption – how can we shape the digital transformation?” By learning about and using the tools of Business Development 4.0, companies can find the right answers to deal with challenges brought about by the digital transformation and develop the best possible approach to adapting to a digital world.

Your benefits

This Ingenics Academy course presents the essential elements for shaping the digital transformation in the areas of lean solutions, Industry 4.0, and innovation management. First of all, the basics background is explained from a theoretical perspective. On the second day, you will explore the topic in more depth through a simulation. The combination of theory and practice allows you to apply the course content directly to your work environment.


What you learn on this Ingenics Academy course

  • What challenges digitization poses for your company
  • How to define lean solutions, Industry 4.0, and disruptive innovations
  • The basics of operational excellence
  • How lean solutions, Industry 4.0, and innovation work hand in hand
  • The necessary technical infrastructure
  • The status quo of your company
  • What you need to do as you head into the future


Course participants in November 2017:

“Pure professionalism!”

“Very inspirational.”

“Very competent with vast experience.


Day 1

  • What are the megatrends?
  • Why do Industry 4.0 projects fail?
  • Location analysis for individual Industry 4.0 maturity.
  • How can you develop a strategy that makes digital technology effective?
  • What will be the requirements of IT in the future?
  • What is the potential of artificial intelligence and how can this be used efficiently?

Day 2

  • What is Business Development 4.0 and why does it call for methods to be updated to 4.0?
  • Business simulation: planning and execution of business development projects
  • How should staff be managed in the digital age?
  • Practical case study: Manufacturing Leadership 4.0 compared to lean leadership

Target audience

Managers and leaders in the areas of production, strategy, innovation management, business development, organization development, and personnel