Lean logistics

Optimize logistics and cut costs

Like in production and administration, it is only possible to run an efficient business in logistics if each process in the system is examined in detail and questioned. The lean logistics service highlights the possible options for an optimal design of logistics processes, taking into account the latest developments in lean theory. A wide range of solutions are explained in a practical fashion, whereby strict adherence to the line-back principle is a central element of a streamlined chain that aims to reduce capital commitment costs over the long term.

Your benefits

  • Understand the basic principles of a lean logistics system as well as the main influencing factors and effects.
  • Systematically analyze logistics systems, identify potential, and take specific action to avoid waste.


  • Introduction: What makes logistics “lean”?
  • The line-back principle: typical areas of potential and how to approach the task of analyzing a logistics system in a structured fashion.
  • The most important criteria by which identified areas of potential in logistics are professionally evaluated.
  • Identify and sustainably eliminate waste.
  • Illustration based on case studies and transfer to specific examples in the practical experience of participants.
  • Outlook: how to successfully implement lean transformation projects.

Target audience

  • Middle managers
  • Specialists, and managers working in intralogistics and production as well as those involved at interfaces.