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Lean methods and concepts to secure performance

Proven solution-oriented approaches to secure and develop performance...

Time and again, companies are forced to face the reality that success is not sustainable once it has been achieved: the target situation does not last, and performance targets may not be reached in a stable manner.
Ingenics focuses on precisely this problem in this course, completing the “Performance” series with the following topic areas: 

  • “Identifying potential performance increases” 
  • “Lean methods and concepts to achieve increased performance” and
  • “Lean methods and concepts to secure performance”

As part of the training, you will be introduced to proven implementation-oriented methods and solutions for presenting goals and target states as well as presenting and communicating current performance. It also covers how to record and visualize variance.

Your benefits

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of powerful methods and approaches to secure performance targets and service provision in the long term.
  • Learn about target setting, procedures, points to consider, and fields of application for the methods and approaches in question.
  • Establish specific areas of action and approaches to secure performance in your field of work.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Targets, performance, transparency
  • Target agreements and empowerment
  • Service level agreements
  • Key figures and cascading KPIs 
  • Standards and qualification
  • Visual management
  • Variance analysis and problem solving
  • 7 quality tools
  • Shop-floor management
  • CIP
  • Gemba walks and GoLookSee
  • Audits and assessments
  • Kata coaching

Format & Execution

  • Classroom and shop floor training 
  • Presentation, discussion, application, exercises, transfer


  • Leaders, project managers, lean agents, and change agents in the company as well as anyone charged with tasks related to the implementation and maintenance of the lean philosophy
  • Future internal “multipliers” as well as workshop trainers, coaches, and CIP trainers