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Lean Production Academy

A decision to implement lean methods and approaches in production means opting to maximize added value by reducing waste – ideally in all areas of production and in in-teractions with other departments that influence the company's value creation process. The full effect of lean elements is achieved when the management culture and work culture in production and supporting areas reflect the lean philosophy, with staff at all levels motivated to ensure a continuous improvement process in the long term.

The actual change has to take place in people’s heads
The main challenge is to transfer the lean philosophy across the entire company in a sustainable fashion, including business processes and employees. Methodological ex-pertise with the most important tools and approaches for optimization is required, alt-hough the actual change has to take place in the mind. The factor for success is a clear shift in attitude and company culture. The key to developing such a new corporate cul-ture is a professional, high-performance team of leaders and implementation managers with conviction.

The team spirit that develops as part of the Ingenics Academy course promotes trust and strengthens networks between participants. This fosters the motivation of everyone involved to introduce and develop lean production systems as a team.

Your benefits

  • You and your team become familiar with the lean philosophy and gain a valua-ble insight into proven methods of lean production. By applying these methods, you can experience the effects of lean principles first-hand in practice. 
  • Develop the ability to recognize potential optimization in production and related areas, and to suggest improvement initiatives. 
  • Understand the interaction of individual elements and know how to evaluate, de-sign, and implement optimization initiatives in the production environment. 
  • Communicate the benefits and meaningfulness of lean production elements convincingly, laying a foundation for the interest and engagement of managers and employees. 
  • Become familiar with points to consider concerning lean methods as well as the challenges of optimization initiatives in a production environment while developing your ability to evaluate and effectively respond to optimization concepts, results, and obstacles in terms of progress, risks, and the need for support. 
  • By working together to master lean principles, effects, methods, procedures, and points to consider, participants develop a consistent understanding of the lean philosophy and a high level of motivation. This significantly facilitates and acceler-ates the achievement of increased performance, meaning that the costs involved in developing lean competence quickly pay for themselves. 


Operating at your site, the Ingenics lean production academy creates a platform for practical elements that make the potential of methods visible and tangible for staff upon completion of each thematic unit. Participants learn about methods based on your entire value stream in production, while the initial main areas of potential are identified with reference to 5S, waste walks, and lean logistics, for example.

Possible approaches to arriving at concrete solutions are demonstrated in terms of problem solving, line balancing, and the value stream. A focused exchange between participants and group discussions help to generate additional incentives and stimulus to improve individual departments.

By considering success factors of change management and discussing roles and responsibilities as well as the opportunities for managers to lead and support the lean process successfully, participants are given an excellent basis for the conception, planning, and introduction of lean production in their companies.

The modular structure of the training makes it possible to tailor individual elements to your needs in a wide range of areas. We can provide the lean production academy service over five or ten days. Simply give us a call – we would be pleased to offer advice and put together an individual lean qualification program for your production facility. 

Participant audience

Managing directors, specialists, and managers from production departments as well as anyone charged with tasks related to the implementation and development of the lean culture, such as internal “multipliers,” workshop trainers, coaches, and CIP trainers. Recommended number of participants: 10–18 


Each academy course is delivered by a team of two trainers