Master assessment

Finding the right people for middle management

Companies that make use of their employees according to their function, position, or age rather than their abilities are wasting a great deal of human potential. What sounds obvious is often put into practice all too infrequently, especially when it comes to filling leadership positions in production. An operational manager (foreman or “master”) is expected to be a technical expert, team motivator, and businessman all at the same time. However, not everyone is up to the task.


From colleague to supervisor – this is a role change faced by many foremen in SMEs and industry. It means taking on managerial responsibilities from one day to the next, motivating employees, and acting as a problem-solving moderator. But not every skilled expert with the rank of foreman or master also possesses leadership skills. In order to prevent high expectations and the wrong requirements from causing staff to become frustrated or overwhelmed, it is important to identify their leadership qualities and potential, to translate these into action, and to support employees as they take on a new role. The Ingenics Academy offers an assessment center for master technicians. This concept helps to fill middle management positions with the right people. It is also suitable as a practical form of advanced professional development, representing a complementary element to theoretical training to become a foreman in industry.


1-2 days


Your benefits

Select your future operational managers on a strategic basis and introduce on-target measures of professional development.


  • Potential analysis: Participants are observed in practical role play exercises and their leadership skills are evaluated according to a defined role model.
  • Feedback discussion: Following the assessment, feedback interviews are held with individual participants. These entail a reflection on the behavior demonstrated in the role plays as well as recommendations and agreements for specific development goals.

Target audience

Operational managers from production and employees who are intended to take on a role in operational management in the future.