Meetings with staff returning from sick leave

Having a healthy workforce is a key success factor for companies because absence from work due to illness can result in high costs. Meetings with staff returning from sick leave are a valuable tool when it comes to influencing these absences. It is not only a question of how often such discussions are carried out; the quality is also important. Meetings with staff who have been off sick require tact and intuition, and they can often push managers to their limits.


On this Ingenics Academy course, managers learn not to view the number of staff off sick as a factor beyond their control, but how to improve these figures effectively. By learning the warning signals, managers can become more sensitive and find ways to approach employees correctly at an early stage. The course also answers questions such as how to structure such talks in a systematic fashion, how to carry them out, and how to follow up on what is said. Role play exercises are used to simulate conflict situations so that participants can practice confidence in difficult conversational situations and build on their skills.

Your benefits

  • Gain confidence in dealing with difficult conversational situations.
  • Gain an effective tool for improving sickness rates.
  • Learn how to structure meetings with staff returning from sick leave, including preparation and follow-up work.
  • Interactive exercises allow you to learn the practical application immediately, giving you greater self-confidence.
  • A moderated exchange of experience between participants: by practitioners for practitioners.
  • Ingenics certificate


  • The aim and methods of meetings with staff returning from sick leave
  • The structure and conditions of meetings with staff returning from sick leave
  • The sender–receiver model of communication
  • Questioning techniques and structuring meetings
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Legal issues concerning meetings with staff returning from sick leave
  • Practical exercises

Target audience

Specialists and managers in every department and of all levels