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The Basics of Data Modeling and Reporting with Qlik

Business intelligence tools like Qlik can make day-to-day work much easier. In this two-day course, you can find out how to use the Qlik data analytics platform to automate reporting quickly and efficiently, and to carry out complex data analysis at the push of a button.

Your benefits

Discover key methods and philosophies of data modeling. Also learn how to connect different data sources and prepare these efficiently for analysis and reporting purposes. 
Get to know the basic functions of Qlik and learn about the principles of setting up reports and data analysis.

Contents & Key Learnings

Basic principles of data modeling 

  • Data types and formats 
  • Relationships and cardinalities 
  • Structuring data 
  • Designing data models 

The basics of Qlik Sense 

  • Launch, settings, options 
  • Overview of operational features 

Accessing and transforming data 

  • Data imports from Access, Excel, and text files 
  • Handling queries 
  • Performing data cleansing 

Developing data models 

  • Planning data models 
  • Creating and managing relationships in data models 
  • Creating calculations and aggregations using Qlik script syntax 
  • Developing scenarios with parameters 

Creating dashboards 

  • Design features and principles of analyses 
  • Visualization elements in report design 
  • Creating dashboards from data models 
  • Using filter elements in analyses 
  • Using set analysis and visualization formulas in analyses

Format & Execution

  • Classroom 
  • Presentation, discussion, application, exercises, transfer 


This course is ideal for anyone who would like to use Qlik as a main tool for analytics and reporting with no prior experience of the platform.