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Value Stream Mapping and Value Stream Design in Production and...

Going with the flow

Optimizing every process in the factory does not automatically result in optimal value creation. In many cases, an immense effort is made on this front without achieving cost-effectiveness for the entire system. This is because the most problematic forms of waste lurk between processes. It is only possible to detect and eliminate these by analyzing the whole process chain instead of individual processes. The value stream method is based on this understanding, and it makes it possible to optimize the flow of material and information in production lines, entire plants, and even across different factories.

From the customer’s perspective, the material flow is viewed holistically in combination with the flow of information so that each step of the value chain can be controlled. The result is a complete overview of the current situation and possible areas for action. Based on these findings, a target situation can be defined. 
On request, it is possible to conduct the training on-site in the form of a practically oriented workshop.

Your Benefits

  • Master the structured analysis of existing value streams and learn to document value streams.
  • Recognize the potential for improvement in your company and set up optimized target value streams.
  • Know how to implement process improvements using the value stream method.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Basic theory of value stream design.
  • Joint identification of manufacturing and processing times of the current value stream.
  • Analysis and evaluation to identify hidden waste.
  • Development of a target value stream for the case in question as well as an action plan to tackle weak points.

Format & Execution

  • Classroom Training
  • Presentation, discussion, practice, exercises, application


  • Managers in production and logistics.
  • Employees in production and logistics.
  • Future CIP and value stream trainers.