Lean and Digitalization

Given our current circumstances, the businesses that will find success in the future will primarily be those that digitally transform and automate their business processes as far as possible. While lean management will offer efficiencies, they will be surpassed by the advantages of digital transformation.

Lean and Digitalization – a Perfect Match

Take part in our free webinar and experience through examples, how the combination of lean and digital transformation works. Learn how digital transformation can become one of your most important partners in the successful implementation of lean management.

Your benefits

  • Gain an overview of how combining lean management and digital transformation can add value to your company.
  • Learn how the basis for digital transformation is created through lean methods and how you can use digital tools to improve efficiency.
  • Recognize through practice-oriented examples how the implementation of lean management can be digitally supported.
  • The increasing importance of digital transformation lies in:
    It’s contribution to improved efficiency, waste prevention and the reduction of business costs.

  • Integration of Lean methods into Digitalization:
    Lean methods form the basis of successful implementation of a digital-transformation strategy and safeguard the ROI for your digital-transformation initiatives


  • Lean production systems and digital transformation: Get to know the fundamental elements of a lean-production system and the commonalities and challenges with lean and digital-transformation initiatives.
  • How can lean and digital transformation be combined?
  • Practical implementation: Get to know digital tools for implementing lean methods successfully and designing them efficiently.

In order to start promptly, please launch the virtual webinar space 15 minutes before the webinar’s start time.

Target audience

  • Managers
  • Decision-makers
  • Skilled project managers from manufacturing companies