Ingenics DigitalSolutions Innovative IT and process consulting

Against the backdrop of Industry 4.0, Ingenics DigitalSolutions is developing and implementing integrated, practical solutions for factories, logistics, and organization. Ingenics DigitalSolutions aims to increase efficiency in production and administration through tailored IT and process consulting, paving the way for highly efficient processes along the entire supply chain.

The basic principle is "IT enables processes": the experts of Ingenics continuously check innovative technologies to ensure they are able to make best-practice processes and methods even more effective, flexible, and efficient. They consider this when selecting and creating a concept of the IT solution for the respective task.

Development of an individual Strategy Roadmap 4.0

The methodological approach includes the development of an individual Strategy Roadmap 4.0 which comprises a needs analysis, location analysis and the definition of design needs. The necessary qualification of the customers' employees is carried out by Ingenics Academy.

FutureNews 01/2018


The production revolution

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