Ingenics Management Consulting

Effective strategy and implementation

Ingenics Management Consulting offers advice of the highest quality to top-level management. Our goal is to ensure the effectiveness of strategies and their implementation in companies and organizations. With its approach to integral business development, Ingenics Management Consulting is one step ahead of the pack as a traditional top-level management consultancy, representing a new generation in the field. That is what we mean by "beyond classical consulting."

Ingenics ManagementConsulting follows the Ingenics approach to integral business development in the areas of strategy, attractiveness, agility, digital technology, and personality. The integral business development approach is a tool to diagnose, evaluate, and forecast the current and future situation of a company in strategic and operational terms. It encompasses the three drivers of excellence – leadership, people, and systems – in a single instrument.

Ingenics consultants refer to data and practical experience to provide answers to three key questions at top-management level:

1. What should be done?

2. Why should it be done?

3. How will it be done effectively?

Company directors and senior management staff stand to benefit from two strands of expertise with the Ingenics approach:

  • They evaluate sustainability of the company in every detail, leaving no blind spots. This minimizes the risk of false estimations or misinterpretations.
  • They apply the most effective levers to direct strategic development of the company This minimizes the risk of wasted resources.


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