The agility consulting practice links strategy with people and structures of a company. Company directors and leaders can make their organization much more effective as a result. This is ensured by the coordinated management of work structures, corporate culture, employee behavior, and personal attitude.

The agility consulting practice places division of labor models and approaches to completing tasks at the center of company development. Agility, the corresponding mental attitude, can be seen in two ways: it describes the general attitude toward change in the company, and an image of how the company operates as an agile enterprise.

Adapting the focus of attention

The agility consulting practice provides executives with comprehensive expertise relative to adapting the focus of attention within the organization quickly and without productivity loss, bringing it in line with corporate strategy or market requirements. As a concept, the "focus of attention" describes collective customs and habits that distinguish a company in its respective environment. Established patterns of thinking can be seen as habits in the same way as leadership behavior, team spirit, and flows of information, money, raw materials, and production materials in the value chain. Ingenics' consultants enable top-level management to establish an agile approaches to the division of labor and completion of tasks within the company with tools provided by the integral business development approach.

Ingenics' Management Consulting is the only top-level management consultancy that provides agility services to companies from a single source. Ingenics' consultants establish an agile mindset. They plan and create agile office, work, and factory environments, designing agile business and production processes. Moreover, they train agile behavior among leaders and employees, developing an agile corporate and management culture.

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