The personality consulting practice links the personal development of top-level managers with their strategic and operational roles. As a result, company directors and leaders can increase their effectiveness when interfacing with superiors, peers, and employees – and when it comes to running the business.

The personality consulting practice places individual incentives at the center of personality development. These impulses – which may be masked as will, intention, concern, or a certain standard – are expressed through personal attitude, self-efficacy, rapport, and the ability of senior managers to enforce and implement their vision.

A fresh, complete perspective on connections

From this starting point, the personality consulting practice enables company directors and senior management staff to control dynamics of tasks, attitudes, self-efficacy, and rapport in various situations so they can express their impulses effectively. With tools provided by "fundamental basics of leadership" offered by Ingenics Management Consulting, managers can obtain a fresh, complete perspective on business connections.

In personal effectiveness mentoring sessions, Ingenics consultants draw the attention of leaders to connections between the inner and the outer self as well as the individual and the collective. Top-level managers find that this shift in attention brings clarity and calmness. In co-creative processes, leaders develop micro and macro strategies to exercise control over the environment and tasks as well as themselves. Greater self-efficacy is followed by a noticeable increase in charisma.

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