The strategy consulting practice links future opportunities and challenges with a company's current business agenda. It guides top-level management to a position of strength against competition. The focus is on diagnosing, evaluating, and forecasting the company situation and directing the company toward an attractive future in a highly effective manner.

Application of the Ingenics approach of integral business development enables consultants to diagnose, evaluate, and forecast the current and future situation of a company with reference to actual data and practical experience. Company directors and strategic managers can therefore develop the business or their department in every area. A holistic view of the company ensures that executives prioritize those implementation strategies that achieve objectives quickly and without productivity loss. As a result, senior management gains even more strength. Their teams are able to close strategic gaps with measures that guarantee high efficiency. Ingenics consultants establish the most important criteria for successful strategy formulation and implementation.

Measurable results and clear strategy

Operational implementation is ensured from the outset. Working in co-creative processes, Ingenics consultants overcome any obstacles in terms of structures, qualifications, cultural difference, and personality that may stand in the way of implementing strategy. This generates measurable operational strategic results.

Strategies are clear and easy to understand for top-level management as well as the leadership team and employees. From the outset, Ingenics consultants seamlessly combine three key perspectives on corporate strategy – the views of top-level management, the leadership team, and employees. This creates palpable enthusiasm for the strategy across the entire company.

Ingenics consultants combine analytical tools that allow diagnosis, evaluation, and forecasts for strategic decision-making with co-creative, top-down methods of strategy development that entail a high level of staff involvement.

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