7. Cost-Performance Booster

The cost-performance booster is an uncompromising approach to ensure the end-of-fiscal-year results.

Benchmarking of figures relevant to results

Comparison of the top three result-relevant figures with benchmark values of comparable companies. Definition of realistically achievable parameters based on them by the end of the fiscal year.
→ Required parameters are defined on a monthly basis

Establishment of commitment at management level

› Determine lead managers, define key figures, and create commitment to parameters.
→ Commitment to parameters achieved!

Commencement of a war room

Establishment of reporting on direction on daily, weekly, and monthly bases. Definition of the required communication, meeting committees, and participants.
→ Overall conditions for effective work created!

Identification of key areas of action

Identification and ranking of the top three disturbances for each key figure defined. Definition of countermeasures for the time trajectory based on the disturbances to achieve the defined parameters.
→ Measures prioritized by effectiveness!

Realization and efficacy control

Realization of the measures and ongoing monitoring of their success as measured against the defined parameters. Immediate implementation of special measures in the instance of variances.
→ Efficacy ensured!