8. Efficiency Programs

By creating targeted efficiency programs and accompanying qualification measures, the potential for a moderate period of growth is utilized. The sustainable self-support ensures world-class performance in the business.

Operational-excellence initiative

Customer-focused value-adding through standardized work systems, low-waste value flows, and result-oriented shop-floor management.
→ Increased efficiency in operations!

Machining-excellence initiative

Flexible, synchronous, trouble-free, transparent, and lean production processes through the ongoing, integrated development of lean management and digital transformation.   
→ Increased efficiency in manufacturing!

Administrative-excellence initiative

Professional service delivery through the establishment of lean office management, business-process optimization, and automation and digitalization of processes.
→ Increased efficiency in administration!

Project-management-excellence initiative

Structure, commitment, transparency, and success for the project through the application of modern and digital project-management methods.
→ Improved performance for the planning and implementation of projects!

Supply-chain-excellence initiative

Highly secure supply, low inventories, and short lead times throughout the dynamic supply chain through transparency and agile synchronization.
→ Improved supply-chain performance!

Supplier-excellence initiative

Professional selection, empowerment, integration, and ongoing development of suppliers for lasting decrease in procurement costs and lasting risk mitigation.
→ Improved supplier performance!

Quality-excellence initiative

Excellent customer satisfaction through the efficient interplay of value-oriented processes, structures, and competencies in a learning organization.
→ Improved quality!

Lean enterprise

Cross-functional company focus for the successful integration of digital elements into the lean-excellence philosophy.
→ Business with world-class performance!