6. Ramp-Up Booster

The ramp-up booster ensures an efficient and effective return to operations when the overall conditions are difficult. The transparent and open communication with customers, operational divisions, and suppliers guarantees success in a volatile environment.

Ramp-up management

Systematic and planned restart of production areas of business.
→ Loss-free restart!

Creation of transparency in the supply chain

Collection of relevant supplier data and information about procured parts (supply-chain cockpit, forecast models).
→ Key-figure structure and overall networking!

Workforce scheduling

Establishment of simple and effective scheduling for focused HR management in accordance with the Covid-19 protective measures adapted to the overall conditions.
→ Optimal workforce scheduling!

Resource-shortage management

Continous short-cycle capacity planning, review of resource availability.
→ Best-possible output!

Fast response, task-force deployment, resident work on site – part hunters to ensure supply

Country-specific availability to ensure the activites on site.
→ Supply ensured!

Ramp-up Project management

Quick launch of operational project management team to oversee the implementation of defined activities.
→ Project-management office installed within four days!

Component quality assurance

Systematic and fast correction of quality issues through rapid identification of errors (AI for error identification), cause analysis, and permanent resolution of them.
→ Supply ensured when there are changes in the supply chain!

Quick supplier substitution in case of failures

Short term on-site or online basic supplier qualification.
→ Supply ensured and cost reduction!