1. Risk Assessment

As a starting point it is important to assess the situation and the available options for countermeasures as quickly as possible. The risk assessment provides a quick transparency about the entrepreneurial risk due to the Covid-19 crisis. Furthermore, the first immediate countermeasures are identified and implemented directly.

Lost-revenue assessment

Systematic assessment of current orders and forecast of revenue performance through the end of the fiscal year.
→ Riesgo en los ingresos.


Liquidity assessment

Assessment of short to mid-term company liquidity. Identification of potential savings for short-term liquidity.
→ Liquidity risk!

Production-resources assessment

Risk assessment for required production resources in correlation with the revenue scenarios.
→ Resource risk!

Health-risk assessment

Identification of health hazard hot spots. Assessment of infection risk for employees and development of immediate risk-reduction measures.
→ Health-hazard hot spots for employees!

Organization assessment

Definition of essential areas of the organization and establishment of required staffing levels accordingly.
→ Savings opportunities/capability of acting!