3. Management Task Force

The management task force ensures the business’ ability to act operationally in times of crisis. Effective structures are developed so that rapid action and responses are made possible – quickly and without bureaucracy; speed is of the essence here. The task force forms a central hub that gathers and processes all information and connects the players in the business who are critical to survival.

PMO for crisis-management task force

Rapid establishment of a central project management office (PMO) to direct all crisis-management activities.
→ Required structures established in short time!

Communication (internal/external)

Consistent, centralized communication to the internal and external stakeholders.
→ Consistent and up-to-date information status!

Ongoing monitoring of crisis development

Ongoing monitoring of the course of the crisis and comparison with established scenarios. Continuous monitoring of the overall conditions and identification of adjustments accordingly.
→ Always up to date!

Activity management

Management and coordination of all activities within the business defined for crisis management.
→ Activities addressed!

Effectiveness monitoring

Ongoing confirmation of the effectiveness of the defined measures on liquidity and protection of results with regards to the expected scenario and defined range.
→ Activities implemented successfully!