Flexible automation – highly flexible automation and robot solutions

As the digital transformation progresses, the trend across all industries is toward greater individualization and even personalization in some sectors, such as medicine. For manufacturers, this means having to adjust to a higher product variance and significantly smaller quantities. In turn, they require the corresponding production facilities and adapted logistical processes.

Autonomous and modular

Specifically, everything centers on flexibility, which is achieved in two main ways. First, modular properties play an important role – as can be seen with modular logistics systems and transport systems that are able to adapt quickly to changing conditions and tasks. Second, the autonomous behavior of various robots is becoming more and more important. A self-learning robot in a smart warehouse does not have to be instructed to retrieve an item from storage and to bring it for processing. Instead, the robot recognizes independently (autonomously) when and where the specific part is needed before carrying out its task immediately and on time. In addition to the use of new technologies, this requires a fundamental change in how we view specific processes. It makes a great difference whether workers go into the warehouse to fetch the materials they need or whether this material comes to them just when they need it.

Ingenics boosts your flexibility

Be it autonomous transport systems, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, our comprehensive experience in the field of flexible automation is of great benefit to our clients. With our support, they can cope with changing market demands and continue to meet a wide range of customer needs with products of the highest quality.

Robbert Kokkeel

Robbert Kokkeel

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Robert Heusgen

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