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Your Catalyst in Implementing the Digital Transformation

Digitization processes are expanding into all areas of business. New, innovative technologies are coming onto the market virtually every day and are continuously amplifying existing opportunities. Decision-makers are faced with the significant challenge of evaluating, prioritizing, and implementing these technologies in a short period of time and generating additional value from them. After all, a digital transformation can only be successful if it is implemented in a goal-driven and cost-conscious manner.

Two Skills for Your Digital Transformation

Above all else, your company needs two main skills for a successful digital transformation. On the one hand, you need a deep understanding of your core business processes (production, logistics, etc.), including all of the dependencies and points of intersection. On the other hand, a variety of disciplines (Lean, BPM, software development, etc.) are utilized in the process of arriving at the final solutions, and you need to master these disciplines in order to leverage the efficiency potential with the right digital solutions.

We see ourselves as digital architects and guide your transformation from beginning to end – from strategy development to the finished application.

Our Services at a Glance

MVP Development and Rapid Prototyping

Launch your digital transformation with maximum speed and minimal risk. Achieve rapid results and create immediate additional value with the Ingenics MVP approach.

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Business Intelligence

You have the data - we will show you the added value it contains. Increase transparency in your processes and save time and money by automating your reporting.

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AI Solutions

When you unlock the full potential of AI solutions, you gain a competitive edge. Using our AI solutions approach, we can systematically identify use cases that add value and ensure that they are implemented efficiently.

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Software Development

You have a use case – we have the development expertise. Whether a desktop, cloud, on-premises, or mobile solution, we can translate your case into a custom-developed application that meets your requirements.

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Embedded Systems

Whether the focus is on your equipment’s operating system, user interfaces, or completely connecting your hardware and systems using state-of-the-art IoT solutions, we will support and guide you from the initial concept to the finished solution.

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We Achieve Efficient, Rapid Results

When working on client projects, we combine our 40 years of experience in process and organizational consulting with our own expertise in the field of digital transformation, our LEAN DNA, and a development team of around 170 people. This gives us the ability to offer you the unique combination of subject matter experts, implementation strength, and an efficiency mindset.


Dennis Schunigl

Dennis Schunigl

Associate Partner
Phone: +52 222 549 32 19