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Using Lean to Create a Minimum Viable Product

Digitization projects do not have to be lengthy and expensive affairs. In these projects – particularly at medium-sized companies – the goal is to digitize efficiently and with a focus on the added value, while at the same time ensuring that the employees are all on board. In our LEAN MVP approach, we weave together the development of minimum viable products (MVP) with the Ingenics Lean DNA. This puts the focus on the additional value and the user. By doing so, you effectively avoid waste – both during the development process and when it comes to the product itself.

Our Consulting Services to Reduce the Cost of Your Investment

Ingenics LEAN MVP leverages the strengths of proven methodologies such as design thinking, Scrum, and DevOps, and guarantees:

  • A minimal initial investment with maximum additional value
  • Rapid and cost-effective scaling

In this process, we guide you through each stage of MVP development:


What is a LEAN MVP?

A LEAN MVP is a product that has all the necessary features to fulfill its predefined purpose. In this context, we clearly prioritize the requirements according to the value they contribute. We reduce scope and complexity to a minimum in order to eliminate waste right from the outset. By quickly going live, we gather user feedback at the earliest possible time and minimize the payback period. All additional features are implemented in the subsequent development stages.

How Does a LEAN MVP Benefit You?

There are countless ways to digitize your business. The success of individual initiatives can be measured in terms of implementation time, payback time, and user acceptance, among other ways. These factors can be positively influenced by the development of a lean minimum viable product.

  • Introduce and test digital solutions in a short period of time
  • Gather feedback from users and act on it quickly
  • Secure the commitment of all stakeholders early on through rapid results with immediate value
  • Cost-effectively validate business cases
  • Quickly and easily create proofs of concept
  • Minimize risks through low investment costs and payback periods
  • Focus on the benefits of the solution being implemented
  • Flexibly scale your MVP via DevOps


With the help of the Lean MVP approach, your company will save time and money. You can test your idea early and implement direct feedback from your colleagues. You will achieve quick wins, reduce risks to a minimum, and impress your internal stakeholders with tangible results.