Intelligent capacity planning with real-time logistics

Planning processes today still give the impression that they must be time-consuming to cover many eventualities, only for people to find out at some point that plans were either wrong or simply too rigid. However, especially for a global supply chain it is commonplace for orders to change at short notice and for unpredictable events to take place. In such cases, a business needs to react in the best possible way. Intelligent capacity planning provides a solution, making it possible to manage even challenging and complex processes in production and logistics so that the demand and capacity remain in perfect balance.

Responsive, future-proof and “what if”

Rush orders, seasonal fluctuations in capacity, and short-term bottlenecks caused by events such as machine failure, supplier problems, and absent employees have the potential to sew chaos in production and to minimize a company’s profitability. Intelligent capacity planning counteracts these risks by providing a transparent picture of resource availability and capacity utilization in real time. Running utilization forecasts and what-if scenarios can support resource planning, leading to more dynamic and flexible scheduling.

Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 from Ingenics

By drawing on our extensive understanding of processes at the appropriate interfaces, such as between production and logistics, we make it possible to accommodate changes at short notice and to make their impact on other orders and manufacturing processes visible while implementing an early warning system. Our Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 provides the ideal basis for fully dynamic planning. 

Robbert Kokkeel

Robbert Kokkeel

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Robert Heusgen

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