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Ingenics Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0: Better monitoring, analyzing and controlling logistics processes

An overview of everything, all from a single source

With the new and intuitive Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 solution, Ingenics Consulting offers customers in industry, commerce, and logistics an all-in-one tool with all the advantages of a user-friendly platform to monitor, analyze, and steer intralogistics processes. An overview of everything, and everything from a single source, especially for companies that are perhaps still at the beginning of digital transformation with regard to logistics processes.

Across all sectors, logistics systems of many companies currently face the same challenges: on one hand, requirements are growing, especially in terms of efficiency and flexibility. On the other hand, there is, in most cases, too little transparency in practice with respect to material flows, capacity, order status, and resource utilization. New technologies allow companies to create additional transparency here. However, there is also a need for user-friendly solutions in order to leverage this transparency.

A tool not only for visualization, but also steering of operations

Against this background, the experts at Ingenics have developed Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0, an innovative business intelligence solution that guarantees transparency across the board in intralogistics. "Unlike pure visualization tools that are standard on the market, the integrated analysis and steering capabilities of our tool significantly enhance operational efficiency and performance," explains Maj-Britt Pohlmann, associate partner and responsible industry manager for all Logistics 4.0 developments at Ingenics. "There is good reason for this: from the beginning, our top priority was to combine practical features with more straight forward and intuitive operation as well as clear visualization."

It is obvious that the user-friendly design of Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 does not come at the expense of its functionality. The software provides an interactive view of steering-related information with drill-down capabilities, role-specific dashboard configuration for different levels in the organization (from operations manager to logistics manager), interactive analysis options, and periodic reports. "Thanks to individual forecasts and what-if scenarios, users receive extensive practical support for tactical decisions and to help optimize operational capacity utilization. A special highlight is that all of this draws on relevant data from existing systems. These are linked together in a single application, almost in re- al-time, and evaluated at the central level," explains Maj-Britt Pohlmann.

Successful introduction in four stages

"Another highlight is that the tool is modular and can be expanded. An initial pilot cockpit can usually be put into practice within four weeks and optimized in consultation with users. Of course, our seasoned experts ensure successful introduction of this solution by visiting the client on-site," says Maj-Britt Pohlmann.

As a rule, successful introduction takes place in four stages. The first stage entails an analysis of the company's specific starting situation in terms of IT system landscape, data sets, logistics processes, and technology. The second phase, conception of the cockpit solution, includes determining in which areas individual clients will use the software and necessary range of functions. During the implementation phase, Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 is configured and introduced in practice with targeted training in place for users. After system tests are carried out, optimization and expansion work is performed during operation in the fourth phase so clients are able to benefit from long term advantages.


With Ingenics' Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0, companies that are currently at the beginning of digital transformation with regard to logistics processes are well equipped to face future challenges. Clients stand to benefit once again from the IT and process technology expertise of Ingenics consultants, who also ensure best possible conditions for a successful software launch in each company with their professional project management and change management skills.

Maj-Britt Pohlmann summarizes the point at hand: "Our Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 is not just a new dashboard to hang on the wall that nobody looks at. Rather, it is a straightforward and intuitive steering tool that supports day-to-day work at all organizational levels. It draws on existing company data and is therefore easy to integrate with internal processes and communication systems, for instance in order to optimize resource utilization and cycle times. In this way, we create greater transparency for the benefit of our clients and more power to take action – not least so that they can meet current market requirements as quickly as possible and thus strengthen their own competitive position in a timely manner."

Dennis Schunigl

Dennis Schunigl

Associate Partner
Phone: +52 222 549 32 19

Robbert Kokkeel

Robbert Kokkeel

Director Division
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