Logistics 4.0 and supply chain management

As a result of digital transformation in the age of Industry 4.0, logistics and supply chain management are also being affected by major changes. Whether this is a true revolution or rapid evolution that is leading to greater networking, integration, and transparency is still a matter of opinion. Objectively, however, it is fair to say without any doubt that only companies that accept the digitization process and use it to their advantage will remain competitive and sustainable in the years ahead.

Logistics 4.0 – a prerequisite for holistic digital supply chain management

Once companies experience the benefits of data that is transparent, up to date, useful, and visual in nature, they begin to share information with each other to maximize the efficiency of smoother, faster, and more fluid cooperation. As a result, data that often already exists but has sometimes not been used effectively creates real gains in terms of flexibility, agility, and reliability. Such a development is based on the judicious use of business intelligence and big data.

The holistic Ingenics approach

We give companies the technological guidance they need and advise them at every stage, from strategy to implementation. Our Logistics 4.0 check supports the development of individual targets that point to existing potential, clarifying which strategy is right for your company. Implementation then takes place step by step. We are a strong and supportive partner for our clients, from empowering systems and creating transparency to networking systems and selecting the best technological solution based on our technology and application database.

We make it concrete for you

Logistics 4.0 only becomes tangible and possible to implement in connection with a specific area for action. We support you with our tools, methods, and experience in areas such as performance transparency, smart inventory, and flexible automation as well as warehouse technologies and future-oriented fields such as intelligent capacity planning and predictive resource management. We also help you to design comprehensive solutions for a digital supply chain. Sustainable efficiency gains and future-proof logistics remain in the foreground.

The networking of supply chain partners, processes, and objects in conjunction with smart, self-controlling and self-organizing systems allows the vertical and horizontal integration of value chains. At the same time, pervasive links between the virtual realm and the real world make it possible to manage constantly growing complexity as well as gathering momentum and increasing individualization.

White Paper Internet of Things

Through the Internet of Things to a transparent supply chain

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the logistics industry. Thanks to “smart” and networked equipment, it is possible to synchronize the flow of materials and information in value chains.
In our white paper, we describe the possibilities of IoT for logistics and how you can navigate the jungle of IoT technology.

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Our digital logistics control discovery workshop

Increasing transparency, flexibility, and speed

Innovative solutions in the context of Logistics 4.0, digitization, and business intelligence cover a wide range from the necessary to the possible. In our one-day discovery workshop entitled “Digital Logistics Control,” we work together to determine the current status of digital technology in your logistics department before presenting the latest solutions and their tangible advantages. You stand to benefit from solution-oriented ideas that address specific areas for action in your company.

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