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Predictive resource management – not a matter of gut instinct

A serious strategy for resource demand planning will definitely include a certain number of predictions. This is the only way to achieve a real increase in efficiency along the value chain. Uncertain customer demand, risks concerning the availability of systems and material, and unreliable delivery and pick-up times are part of everyday business life. Any such unpredictable factors must be identified and classified as neatly as possible and their effects minimized so that they do not have a negative impact on added value.

Technical visualization options

Assistance on this front is offered by computer-assisted forecasting methods, integrated what-if analyses and, of course, dynamic resource planning, all of which can feed into an early warning system. This makes it easier to discover information in real time so that companies can respond quickly and without wasting resources.

Ingenics has the right tool

Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 from Ingenics is not a standard solution, but designed to accommodate the requirements of individual clients. Introducing the cockpit calls for minimal effort, as existing data is used from various parts of the company and the interactive navigation menu is fully intuitive. For example, the holistic visualization of intralogistics processes makes it possible to detect bottlenecks quickly and supports operational managers in their efforts to control resources, while the use of predictions and what-if scenarios optimizes utilization and performance. 

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Dennis Schunigl

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