The right business strategy – ‘if’ is no longer a question

Developing a good business strategy always starts with asking the right questions. For a long time now, the expansive topic of e-mobility has not been about whether certain developments will take place, whether megacities will continue to grow in number and in size, or whether politicians might show less commitment to electric mobility as time goes by. Such questions have been answered, and it is now a matter of how and when companies should adapt to far-reaching change.

Position and transformation

The answer to the last question above is short and sweet: as quickly as possible. Indeed, any company that wants a fast, flexible, highly efficient, competitive production facility in the future should focus its strategy on being a pioneer instead of lagging behind others at a later stage.

Our transformation into an e-mobility society is bringing changes that will have an immense impact on the structures of companies in the automotive sector. Thinking and decision-making processes can no longer be isolated and resolved “internally” without any external involvement. Instead, there is increasing collaboration and partnerships with other companies as well as stronger and closer global networks, all of which inevitably leads to unprecedented levels of adaptability. From the factory building itself to assembly, logistics, and the overall supply chain, the e-mobility transformation affects every area of a company. Establishing the ideal position now will ensure long-term success and competitiveness.

Marc Heckenberger

Marc Heckenberger


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