Factory construction in relation to the e-mobility transformation

It pays off to think outside the box – or more specifically outside the boundaries of your current company premises. With respect to the e-mobility transformation, it may make sense to consider a conversion, an extension, or even a new factory building. After all, structural changes are often required if the increased efficiency in value creation brought about by optimizing internal processes is not enough to meet a company’s growth goals.

Experience and foresight – vital in factory construction

Planning and implementing structural measures is a project that aims to ensure a company’s continued evolution and growth so that it remains competitive in the long term. The rapid rise of electric mobility is causing structures in automotive manufacturing to change dramatically. Everything centers on “greater flexibility” – and this can often only be achieved by dealing with the buildings in question. Here it is crucial to identify and overcome any potential planning conflicts at an early stage. As an experienced partner, especially as the linchpin between construction and production planning, Ingenics always relies on a holistic, sustainable solution. This can only be achieved with the appropriate foresight.

Recognizing and communicating problems before they arise and taking immediate action to tackle them is essential when a company hopes to optimize production with the best possible machine layout and a smooth flow of materials.

Challenges become opportunities

Taken as a whole, the production layout has to be consistent given the need for different systems and technologies to interact smoothly. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), human–robot collaboration (HRC),  swarm assembly, and areas that offer flexibility all play an important role when building a factory today that can be successful tomorrow in the field of e-mobility. We master interface management as well as coordination work between construction and production. Furthermore, our clients highly value our efforts to reconcile the needs of multiple parties on-site with the ultimate aim of adhering to deadlines and budgets.

Sieghard Schmetzer

Sieghard Schmetzer


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