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Increasingly in the past few years, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive sector have found themselves faced with a dramatically changing market situation. In addition to the already challenging questions on the automobile and its fabrication per se, the sector increasingly finds itself the focus of political and societal discussion. The broad spectrum of topics and questions involved presents tremendous challenges to management.


Particularly at the present time, it is important for automotive companies to maintain a clear vision, to concentrate on the most important topics, and to get down to business implementing measures successfully.


Within the area of fabrication the necessity for flexibilization is of prime importance. On the one hand, this flexibilization affects assembly and automotive body construction (e.g. within the context of electric vehicles or increasing the tact time for vehicle variants) and on the other it affects the logistics which are capable of efficiently meeting the manufacturing need in question.


Further key words for the variety of requirements placed on OEMs are:


Ingenics AG successfully supports its customers in the automotive industry both at the strategy and and planning level and the operative process and organization level, thus promoting excellence in implementation.

Daniel Reutter


Associate Partner, Manager Industry
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