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Consulting in the commercial vehicle industry to increase production efficiency

The commercial vehicle industry is subject to a number of external factors. State regulatory measures such as emission standards and road safety rules call for constant product adjustments. At the same time, product requirements are influenced by the dominant megatrends on the market – demographic change, limited resources, climate change, globalization, urbanization, and not least of all digitization. The combination of external influences leads to cyclical market fluctuations and the increasingly notable customization of products.

For many years, the customers of Ingenics have included lorry manufacturers as well as companies that produce trailers, vehicle bodies, and accessories. 

Drawing on our experience and reference projects, we can help you to increase your efficiency in production despite any volatility on the market. Acting as a professional partner, Ingenics provides consulting for production and logistics processes as well as design-to-cost issues so that you can respond flexibly to market changes. 

The creation of a transparent work system – from standardized core processes in assembly to highly efficient logistics systems – using the tried-and-tested methods of Ingenics results in a future-proof overall system that is tailored to employees and offers the necessary level of flexibility for the commercial vehicle industry.

Given the prevailing trends of globalization and the enormous growth potential of the commercial vehicle sector in newly industrializing countries, it is becoming more important to tap into emerging markets and to consider manufacturing networks as well as their processes. 

We support you in your efforts to develop new and existing markets, providing assistance in planning and implementation support for the construction of production facilities as well as the optimization of processes in the existing manufacturing networks along the entire supply chain. 

You can always depend on the extensive experience of Ingenics in Germany and abroad in the areas of international factory planning, supplier selection, and supplier development.

Sascha Drögmöller

Sascha Drögmöller


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