Optimization of your construction processes under proven lean aspects

The German construction industry is respected worldwide for its technical skills, as well as its management and logistics know-how. Today, its major construction projects are characterized by their complexity, extended timeframes and high investment volumes. Due to these special characteristics, the construction industry naturally also depends on professional expertise and effective working methods. 

In addition, most construction projects are built within physically restricted sites. That’s why an efficient site and working organization for optimal construction management is such a key factor. At Ingenics, our experts can support you with lean construction methods and optimize your construction workflows using proven lean management principles. Here, Ingenics integrates key techniques from lean management projects in manufacturing industries with the unique requirements of the construction industry and specific building projects. The ultimate goals being: the efficient use of resources or construction materials by eliminating waste, as well as significantly improved delivery and completion scheduling. Equally important here, is of course the practical cooperation and training of all of the construction project’s participants. 


Thanks to Ingenics’ broad experience in practically every major production industry, they are also an ideal partner for the construction industry. With their specialized know-how, industrial experience and systematic problem-solving approach — the Ingenics AG ensures the efficiency of major construction projects and helps your business maintain its long-term competitiveness.

Sieghard Schmetzer

Sieghard Schmetzer


Partner, Director Business Unit
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