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Take Control of the Increasing Complexity in Mechanical and Plant Engineering!

Companies in the mechanical and plant-engineering industries face the challenge of taking control of the increasing complexity in their areas of business:

  • What levers are there in the company?
  • How can high flexibility be ensured for production processes?
  • How can growing space needs and space efficiency be controlled?
  • How can delivery dates be safeguarded across the whole development chain?

These are just some of the questions that Ingenics intensively discusses and together solves with its clients.

Tangible paths to solutions are offered, for example, in the form of continuous efficiency improvement in production and new concepts for research-and-development departments. When it comes to this, clients benefit from the Ingenics innovation model and the exploitation of great potential through lean development methods.

A company’s competitive position can be made stronger over the long term by making order-fulfillment processes faster with LeanOffice methods or expanding a service offering, for example by hosting joint setup workshops with the end clients.

Furthermore, companies are guided from the planning stages through to the full utilization – with our support – of new markets in emerging economies and establishment of new production sites around the world. International factory planning, supplier selection, and supplier development included.

Ingenics provides consulting services:

Arne Danner

Arne Danner

Project Manager Industry
Phone : +49 731 93680 106

Robert Heusgen

Robert Heusgen

Associate Partner, Director of Material Flow USA
Phone : +1 864 350 9313

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