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Public Sector, Banks, and Insurance Companies

Expectations are constantly growing when it comes to the efficiency and quality of service providers and other organizations. Right now, public sector organizations face similar challenges to all service companies: cost pressure is rising and budgets are being cut. At the same time, customers and citizens expect increasingly faster processes, greater flexibility, and simpler forms of communication.

In contrast to manufacturing, value creation is focused on administrative processes in the public sector, and the same is true for banks and insurance companies. Just like in production, however, it is important to concentrate on customer value by achieving added value quickly, cutting red tape, increasing staff and customer satisfaction, eliminating unnecessary costs, and running a lean and customer-oriented organization. Despite (or perhaps because of) rising cost pressure and reduced budgets, there is high demand for innovative solutions that help to optimize processes and thus organizations as a whole. In order to make the services provided by public sector organizations fit for the future, Ingenics recommends appropriate remedial measures that have already been tried and tested in practice at manufacturing companies and service providers. For example, the introduction of lean management, the holistic optimization of business processes, and the qualification of employees and managers.

Developing sustainable services for the future also gives public sector organizations a more modern and positive image. Crucially, this makes them more attractive as employers, both for existing staff and potential recruits.

Working with both manufacturing companies and service providers, Ingenics has already managed pioneering changes in recent years, successfully implementing numerous projects for the long term. Such experience can now be distilled and applied to public sector organizations in order to make their services fit for the future, too.


Ingenics can support you in the planning and implementation of measures to increase efficiency, from defining a strategy to managing implementation or qualifying your employees. Based on our experience, we know that only a holistic view of the system leads to success – in both public and private companies.