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Shaping digitization successfully with innovative solutions

Innovative ideas, farsighted plans, pragmatic implementation

Digitization is entering every area and company department. Innovative, new technologies are appearing on the market every day. Companies face the significant challenge of having to evaluate, rank, and possibly introduce these technologies in a short time. The digital transformation is complex and abstract. It often fails due to technology that is not yet mature and unstructured implementation. Companies do not have enough experience and examples of applications to be able to assess potential improvements and the return on investment of various technologies. What do digital trends like artificial intelligence, digital twins, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain mean for individual businesses?

Creating space for innovation

Many digital trends break away from familiar structures and disrupt existing processes. It is therefore important to create a special space for innovations. At Ingenics, we do this in our Innovation LAB – the digital transformation catalyst. Flexible structures, agile processes, flat hierarchies, and a lean start-up approach facilitate solutions that are off the beaten path. Fueled by inventiveness, creativity, and a license to experiment, we bring together our expertise in the fields of digitization and Industry 4.0 with 40 years of experience in strategy and process consulting. From data science and IoT projects to our propriety application, our internal development lab quickly and efficiently generates ideas from the first “proof of technology” (PoT) and “proof of concept” (PoC) to a solution that can be implemented.

We transform your idea into an effective concept

With the Innovation LAB, we support your efforts to develop a tailor-made solution, from analyzing the problem and exploring solutions to defining concrete user stories or traditional requirements.

We always focus on the user and work in a practical fashion. Creativity and innovative techniques such as design thinking help us to rethink existing approaches and to design effective concepts. In addition to designing concepts and developing individual solutions, we are pleased to extend our assistance in the creation of your digital business model – by offering the support of our colleagues at Ingenics Digital Solutions and Management Consulting. The results will be that every department in your company has the best possible interaction and you can achieve measurable results quickly.

The right custom solution is born from discussion

An ongoing dialogue with clients and stakeholders is a key success factor when it comes to the quality of the final product. For that reason, we develop solutions in close collaboration with our clients, be it through joint development projects with mixed teams or the appointment of a product owner by our clients.

We repeatedly review results as a solution is born, from the initial idea, PoT, and PoC to the first “minimal viable product” (MVP) and ultimately every aspect of implementation. In this way, we ensure that the requirements of each client are met as closely as possible.

There is a suitable process model for every development project. Whether it involves a traditional plan, agile methods, or a hybrid strategy, we identify and develop the best approach with you in order to generate added value as quickly as possible.

Continuous development guarantees future added value

We also support you after the rollout, ensuring that the developed solution is always available and reliable. Requirements and ranges of functions grow and change as technologies become available; changing process requirements and organizational developments are also a factor. We see it as our task to adapt, develop, and improve our products in line with your requirements in order to guarantee added value for the future.

Max Weiß

Max Weiß

Head of Innovation
Phone: +49 731 93680 106

Robert Heusgen

Robert Heusgen

Associate Partner, Director of Material Flow USA
Phone: +1 864 350 9313

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