Intra logistics

In industrial and commercial companies, logistics is a key factor for sustainable business success. With this in mind, Ingenics develops flows of material and information in line with established lean principles and systematically ensures that the entire supply chain is geared toward creating value. An area of focus here is the planning and optimization of internal material flows, which have a decisive influence on the efficiency of a supply chain.

Ingenics consultants act as partners, helping you to optimize intra logistics processes, thus increasing the productivity and profitability of your business. They can also support you in all areas of intercompany logistics planning for new sites and the expansion of existing premises.

The focus here is on physical material flow processes (from the receipt of goods and warehousing to the place of use or dispatch) as well as the flows of information that trigger these processes or report back on their completion. Once a target process has been defined, it is important to specify precisely how optimized spaces should be used to perform that process and to make the best possible use of resources and equipment.

Intra logistics planning is based on the application of lean logistics principles to prevent the waste of resources and to create more flexible processes. In this regard, a comprehensive analysis of processes aims to achieve the overall optimum for the logistics system.

In addition to the conceptual design of all material flow processes, Ingenics carried out the detailed planning of individual elements such as the optimization of internal transport systems. This includes tugger trains, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and forklift control systems, all of which have be integrated into the overall material flow. Ingenics also plans individual components of warehouse technology, including automated high-rack warehouses, order-picking systems, and material handling solutions.

In the area of production, material zone planning is another important aspect of logistics. This concerns the provision of materials and components to workstations and assembly areas for production and assembly. With the overall goal of ensuring a reliable supply, material zone planning must exactly match production needs, and the corresponding interface has to be clearly defined.

Material flow simulations can be used as a supporting tool in the planning process. These help to visualize solutions and to safeguard the results of planning in quantitative terms.

The most important goal of intercompany logistics process planning is the development of an efficient, economical, and flexible supply chain for your company. Ingenics has specialized in the field of intra logistics for over 30 years and can support you in all areas, even providing training to your team and establishing a continuous improvement process.

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