Digital transformation: How companies are preparing for challenges

The digital transformation is in full swing and represents a major challenge for all businesses.

Therefore, in our new issue of FutureNews, (almost) everything revolves around the central question of how you can best prepare your company for this development.


  1. An interview with Ingenics board members: “A radical look at established ways of thinking
  2. Integrated business model: identifying the full potential of digitization
  3. Interview with Christian Möhring, Ikea Germany: Digitization makes Ikea a multichannel retailer

Further editions of the Ingenics Magazine

FutureNews 01/2018

  1. Swarm assembly: a flexible, efficient combination of line production and island assembly
  2. Pit stop production: strategic measures to increase the flexibility of body shop production systems.
  3. The next level of shop floor management: efficiently reducing set-up times through workshops and Production Cockpit 4.0.
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