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What the Digital Future Looks Like

In this issue of Ingenics Magazine, everything is about networks – both personal and digital. We explore the opportunities of collaboration as well as networked factories and hear the answers of a future researcher as to how the world of work is set to change. Allow us to show you what the digital future looks like.


Main topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence Still Needs People
  • Innovation LAB – A Fresh Approach for Innovative Thinking
  • Process Mining – Digital Tracking

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    Challenges of the Digital Transformation

    The digital transformation is in full swing and represents a major challenge for all businesses. In this issue of FutureNews, (almost) everything revolves around the central question of how companies can best prepare for this development.


    Main topics:

    • Digital Transformation – An interview with Ingenics board members
    • Integral Model – Identifying the Full Potential of Digitization
    • New Worlds of Work – Transformation and Opportunity

    The Production Revolution

    What will production look like in the future? Our Ingenics experts give answers to the question in this issue of FutureNews. The concepts of swarm assembly and pit stop production are described in detail. As well as innovative tools for the next level of shopfloor management.


    Main topics:

    • Assembly and Body Construction of the Future – Swarm Assembly and Pit Stop Production
    • The Next Level of Shopfloor Management – Tools and Practical Examples
    • Swarm assembly: a flexible, efficient combination of line production and island assembly

      Pit stop production: strategic measures to increase the flexibility of body shop production systems.