Operational Excellence Production

In order to ensure and consolidate the competitiveness of your production systems over the long term, a complete redesign is not always necessary. Instead, you should ask yourself what direction makes sense for your existing production, how efficiency can be increased, and what improvements can be made to performance in terms of customer focus and flexibility. Ingenics AG provides the answers to these questions as a strong sparring partner for efficiency improvement projects.

First and foremost, a production system defines the interaction between various resources: people, materials, machines and management. The focus of the system always depends on the market position of a company. A leader in technology without cost pressure that aims to create a margin from product expertise will therefore align the production system differently to a company that is cutting costs. Looking beyond this, Ingenics adapts the production system in line with market conditions in order to ensure that the company remains competitive in the long term. According to the standards developed by Ingenics, a production system should create value with a focus on customers, and it should be future-oriented, flexible, and agile. In this respect, Ingenics always aims for an integrated and comprehensive approach to production, because only with consistent standards and company philosophies is it possible to increase efficiency on a sustainable basis.

Based on these insights, the Ingenics consultants analyze the existing production system and work with the customer team to develop an implementation plan to exploit potential. When it comes to developing production systems, Ingenics considers both the system and the human aspect. Only when people and technology form a harmonious whole is it possible to achieve a high level of sustained success.

Several levers can be optimized for greater value creation at a lower cost. These include increased equipment effectiveness and staff efficiency, the introduction of a shop floor management system, greater material efficiency, reduced rotating stock and greater space efficiency. Your employees will be involved in the entire development process, and managers will be held to account so that the success of your company can continue to grow in the long term.

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