Ingenics Academy – Training Opportunities

From basic certification to advanced education and multiple qualification programs – now you can choose the Ingenics Academy training opportunities that best suit you and your business.

All programs are individually tailored to your needs and goals, according to the Ingenics formula for success: “Possibilities x Motivation = Success“.

Basic certification

Your employees can only deliver top performance, when they know exactly how to do their jobs. Here, our basic certifications provide each employee with the skills needed to build solid business foundations.


Advanced education

For employees with previous experience, our advanced education program is designed to transfer knowledge. Here concepts, as well as practical applications are emphasized.

Theoretical and practical qualifications

With our multiple qualification programs, we offer you a successful mix of methodical expert training (e. q. lean philosophy) combined with advanced leadership concepts and change management techniques. These programs contain both theoretical and practical qualifications to prepare talented future experts. And thanks to the modular design of these programs, they can also be adapted to your individual needs and requirements.

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Andreas Grundnig

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