Sustainable design of new worlds of work

Holistic networking of different areas of activity – people, places, and digitization

From production to organization, modern worlds of work are changing at an increasingly rapid pace as a result of digital transformation. In order for businesses to keep up with these developments and not get left behind, experts at Ingenics have come up with an innovative approach to establish new worlds of work that applies to multiple industries and company departments. Unlike other suppliers and service providers, Ingenics follows an approach that brings together three main areas of activity – people, places, and digitization – in a holistic fashion, thus making companies fit to face future challenges.

Main requirements of future worlds of work can be summarized as follows: work is becoming increasingly creative, flexible, and mobile. There is a growing trend toward team and project work that relies on knowledge. This applies across industries and departments, presenting companies with completely new tasks and challenges.

USP on the market

Based on these key requirements, experts at Ingenics have identified three core areas of activity when it comes to creating new worlds of work: people, places, and digitization. "Following on from this, we developed our brand-new approach to link these three areas of activity in a holistic fashion," explains Sieghard Schmetzer, associate partner and center of competence director at Ingenics. "This integrated approach represents a completely unique selling point on the market and makes companies fit for the long term future."

Rather than considering people, places, and digitization as separate areas of activity in isolation, Ingenics focuses on the big picture from the outset. "In principle, all three areas of activity center on the same fundamental question: 'How can I complete the work I have to do in the best possible way?'" notes Schmetzer.

A methodical approach for every area of activity

Ingenics has developed a methodical approach for each area of activity in order to provide a practical and professional answer to this central question. With respect to people, for instance, a future scenario is established with the client. This is followed by an analysis of the status quo, ultimately leading to a final selection of appropriate measures to close the gap between the current situation and the target situation. Such measures might include developments in organizational structure, management, and personnel.

Turning to places, in contrast, the main concern is to define, plan, and realize spatial structures, standards, and workplace concepts. Finally, the area of digitization involves envisioning and conceiving sustainable IT solutions based on the current level of utilization, establishing an essential foundation for the successful digital transformation of the company as a whole.


Essentially, Ingenics' approach works for greenfield and brownfield concepts as well as for completely new or existing company structures. "By considering and linking all three areas of activity, companies ultimately end up with a holistic future concept that leaves nothing to be desired and no stone unturned. This gives businesses an important competitive advantage over other market players. At the same time, businesses can become significantly more attractive to their clients and potential employees," says Schmetzer.

Sieghard Schmetzer

Sieghard Schmetzer


Partner, Director Business Unit
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