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Industrial Engineering – efficiency improvement of your production

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your production — and Ingenics knows which „levers to shift” in various processing areas, depending naturally on your individual business goals. One key area is the improvement and redesign of your manufacturing processes and working systems. Here Ingenics improves the design of value-flows with respect to materials, ergonomy, service and handling operations. The second key area is your working organization. Here, it is important to focus on enhancing the potential of your employees through the use of team building, work scheduling and various wage or compensation programs.

Time management

One of the "big levers” for efficiency improvements is a business’ personnel planning, including its related costs and performance evaluations. At Ingenics, we have a wide range of proven and new personnel planning methods to raise your workforce’s overall efficiency. To systematically determine process data various time management tools are available, such as: MTM time-measurement tools for predefined working periods, time management methods, video or photo analyses, as well as line balancing which examines both the pace and capacities of production operations. 


Working organization

Ingenics solution for dealing with your business’ increasing complexity and profitability focuses on new types of working organizations and modern personnel management, i. e. personnel planning that is based on a qualification matrix, as well as the actual qualification and age structures. With these modern personnel methods, both your operational efficiency and the overall value of your business can be sustainably increased. Here, the additional use of team building methods is also a key Ingenics tool which actively involves employees in a business’ problem-solving process.

Wage and incentive plans

Efficient production structures also require equally efficient working organizations with appropriate wage and incentive plans. As a result, variations in customer demand can then be accommodated by a flexible working organization, adjustable employee scheduling and variable compensation plans. Naturally, such compensation plans need to reflect a business’ actual operational results, as well as promoting both team work and individual performance. Here for example, Ingenics can develop synchronized working-shift systems which fulfill these requirements and raise workforce effectiveness.

Ergonomics and workstation design

Not only changing demographics demand ergonomic working areas. And that’s why Ingenics develops both lean, process-oriented, productions structures and ergonomically designed working systems — that consider human-factors as well the age of your employees.

Qualitative and quantitative labor requirements planning

With a regular, systematic labor requirements plan, you can ensure that your company is able to continue operations and secure its long-term success. Qualitative and quantitative staff planning means you will have the right number of the right people with the necessary qualifications — at right time and place ...


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Johann Kablutschkin


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